[jamming] Rsh to NT

Harry Callahan boner_ear at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 1 08:45:20 PDT 1999

Fellow Jammers,
  Is anyone using Jam via a remote shell to NT?
We're primarily a Unix shop, but we have a requirement to
generate some targets on NT.  I've got a Jamfile functioning
just fine on Unix and NT (via cmd prompt), however if I
remsh and jam.exe I get an illegal memory reference.
Wait, it gets better ... Only targets with corresponding
"actions" procedures give me the error.  So, 'jam.exe -n'
and 'jam.exe clean' and 'jam.exe install' all work fine.
I even have a simple help action that just does some
echoes ... and it aborts ...  Funny thing is, if I jump
to the NT box and issue the jam command natively, it works
like a charm.
  I've tried a couple flavors of third party rshd for NT.
It runs as a service on NT allowing remote shell connections.

Anyone doing something similar?


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