[jamming] Rsh to NT

Stephen Dennis stephen.dennis at onyx.ca
Fri Oct 1 09:02:02 PDT 1999


The problem is that most of  the rshd's for NT run as a service, so they do
not have
the same access to 'desktop' resources as a logged in user and are usually
on a different 'WindowStation'.  Same goes for the telnetd's, smbrun and

See the docs on 'CreateWindowStation' for more information about this mess.

My solution was to build an rshd from the publicly available code (I used
BSD 4.4 rshd)
and wired in the appropriate NT process starting stuff, and ran this on the
desktop of a
logged in NT machine.  Ultimately I ended up building a custom client as
well just to 
make sure everything was semantically correct.  

Thus, jam or make or whatever, has access to all the network connections,
files and whatever you would have expected.

Ugly, but functional.

Right me for the code for the custom client and server if you would like.

Stephen Dennis

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> Fellow Jammers,
>   Is anyone using Jam via a remote shell to NT?
> We're primarily a Unix shop, but we have a requirement to
> generate some targets on NT.  I've got a Jamfile functioning
> just fine on Unix and NT (via cmd prompt), however if I
> remsh and jam.exe I get an illegal memory reference.
> Wait, it gets better ... Only targets with corresponding
> "actions" procedures give me the error.  So, 'jam.exe -n'
> and 'jam.exe clean' and 'jam.exe install' all work fine.
> I even have a simple help action that just does some
> echoes ... and it aborts ...  Funny thing is, if I jump
> to the NT box and issue the jam command natively, it works
> like a charm.
>   I've tried a couple flavors of third party rshd for NT.
> It runs as a service on NT allowing remote shell connections.
> Anyone doing something similar?
> Thanks,
> Boner
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