[jamming] An option some of you may find useful...

Peter Glasscock peterg at harlequin.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 05:03:56 PDT 1999

Some colleagues have been complaining that Jam continues to build
non-dependant targets when one fails.  I myself consider this a feature,
but they would like a way of stopping the build on the first error.

In response to this, I have made a tiny change to the Jam sources to
select this behaviour.  I am posting the change here, so that others who
might have had similar thoughts can use it.  You can also find the
change in my guest branch //guest/peter_glasscock, which also contains
some important fixes that haven't yet made it into the "official" Jam

If you think it's a useful feature, lobby Perforce to include this in
the "official" sources too.

Change 233:
edit //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/jam.c#5
edit //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/jam.h#3
edit //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/make1.c#5

Here is the change for those of you not familiar (or without) the p4
client software:



- ---

==== //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/jam.c#4 - c:\users\peterg\perforce\guest\jam\src\jam.c ====
>       0,                      /* quitquick */
<       if( ( n = getoptions( argc, argv, "d:j:f:s:t:ano:v", optv ) ) < 0 )
>       if( ( n = getoptions( argc, argv, "d:j:f:s:t:ano:qv", optv ) ) < 0 )
>             printf( "-q      Quit Quickly as soon as a target fails.\n" );
>       if( ( s = getoptval( optv, 'q', 0 ) ) )
>           globs.quitquick = 1;
==== //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/jam.h#2 - c:\users\peterg\perforce\guest\jam\src\jam.h ====
>       int     quitquick;
==== //guest/peter_glasscock/jam/src/make1.c#4 - c:\users\peterg\perforce\guest\jam\src\make1.c ====
>           if( globs.quitquick ) ++intr;

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