[jamming] An option some of you may find useful...

Peter Glasscock peterg at harlequin.co.uk
Thu Oct 14 01:44:02 PDT 1999

> Peter Glasscock wrote:
> > if( status == EXEC_CMD_FAIL && DEBUG_MAKE )
> > {
> > 	...
> > 	if( globs.quitquick )
> > 	    ++intr;
> > 	...
> > }

Undisclosed Jam hacker wrote:
> Because this is within if .. DEBUG_MAKE,
> won't this feature only work when debug make is on ???

True, but DEBUG_MAKE is on for all debug levels above 0.  Since 1 is the
default, you would have to explicitly choose to have no output at all in
order to turn this behaviour off.

The reason I put it within this conditional is because the main reason
people want the build to stop after the first error; to see what failed.
In order for Jam to print out the command that it executed that failed,
it must be at least debug level 1 (ie DEBUG_MAKE).  In fact, the line
that prints out the failed command is just a few lines above the one I
added (in the same block!).

There doesn't seem to be any point in quitting after the first error if
you can't see what it was.  But I suppose you'd be right in saying that
the behaviour isn't entirely consistent.

This is only a suggestion, so you are free to put the line wherever you
like.  I don't have any use whatsoever for the 0 debug level, so I
really don't mind what happens at that level :-)



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