[jamming] Jamming with subdirectories

Russell rjshaw at iprimus.com.au
Thu Feb 6 07:37:53 PST 2003

Ingo Weinhold wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Russell wrote:
>>In the top level Jamfile, i've got:...
>>When i run jam from the top directory, i get errors:
>>   don't know how to make main.c
>>   don't know how to make analog.c
>>   don't know how to make serial.c
> Supposing that your source files reside in the respective subdirectories,
> this is not surprising.
> As a general remark: The Main rule is intended to compile the source
> files and link the objects. The Objects rule compiles source files to
> objects. So in the way you apply these rules, the source files would be
> compiled twice. So you should either drop the Objects rules or use
> MainFromObjects instead of Main.
> 1) Dropping the Objects rules (and, if you like also the then-empty
> Jamfiles in the subdirectories): The errors jam reports are caused by the
> fact, that it doesn't know, where the listed source files are located. By
> default jam searches only the directory of the Jamfile, so you have to
> tell it explicitly, e.g. by:
>   SEARCH_SOURCE += [ FDirName $(TOP) main ] [ FDirName $(TOP) analog ]
>                    [ FDirName $(TOP) serial ] ;
> This must be inserted before the invocation of the Main rule.
> 2) Using MainFromObjects instead of Main:
>   MainFromObjects myprog : <main>main.o <analog>analog.o
>                            <serial>serial.o ;
> The grist (the `<...>' annotation) is needed to make jam find the object
> files. The concept can be looked up in the documentation.

I decided to do (2) above. I'm nearly there, but still have a problem. The
top jamfile has:

SubDir TOP ;
MainFromObjects myprog : <main>main.o <serial>serial.o ;
SubInclude TOP main ;
SubInclude TOP serial ;

The jamfile in the 'main' subdirectory has:

SubDir TOP main ;
Objects main.c ;

The jamfile in the 'serial' subdirectory has:

SubDir TOP serial ;
Objects serial.c ;

Running 'jam' at the top level gives errors:
   don't know how to make main.o
   don't know how to make serial.o

The .o files get created in the subdirectories, but MainFromObjects
doesn't see those. I've tried setting SEARCH_SOURCE += [ FDirName $(TOP) main ],
but i think that only works for finding .c source files and not .o files.
I couldn't find how to set a search path for intermediate files such as .o.

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