[jamming] Implicit action won't work

Russell rjshaw at iprimus.com.au
Sun Feb 9 17:32:06 PST 2003

Ingo Weinhold wrote:
>>Russell wrote:
>>Running jam gives:
>>   Rule HEX: myprog myprog.exe
>>   Action HEX: myprog objs/myprog.exe
>>I don't understand why the second line doesn't say:
>>   Action HEX: objs/myprog objs/myprog.exe
> I don't know either. I threw your lines into a Jamfile and got:
> $ jam-2.4
> Rule HEX: myprog myprog.exe
> ..found 9 target(s)...
> ..updating 1 target(s)...
> HEX objs/myprog
> Action HEX: objs/myprog objs/myprog.exe
> ..updated 1 target(s)...
> Tested with plain Jam 2.4.

Hi, i managed to get that result too (working too late;)

I think i don't fully understand the jam process, so i made
a small example that causes various problems.
In Jamrules, i have:

TOP = /home/russell/test ;
SUFEXE = .exe ;
rule HEX
   local _h ;
   _h = $(<:S=.hex) ;
   Depends $(_h) : $(>) ;
   Depends all : $(_h) ;
   echo "Rule Hex:" $(<) $(_h) S(>) ;
actions HEX
   echo "Action hex:" $(<) $(>)

In Jamfile, i have:

SubDir TOP ;
HEX myprog : myprog.exe ;

I created /home/russell/test/myprog.exe with "touch myprog.exe".

When i run jam, i get:

   Rule hex: myprog myprog.hex myprog.exe
   ...found 9 target(s)...

which shows action HEX didn't execute. The last few lines of jam -d 3
   made  newer myprog.exe
   made+ missing myprog.hex
   made  update all
   ...found 9 target(s)...

I don't know why "actions HEX" doesn't work. There's no jam options
to put out a simple dependency tree.

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