[jamming] Problem with header file scanning and updates

Peter Klotz peter.klotz at aon.at
Mon Feb 10 12:33:39 PST 2003

I have the following problem with jam 2.4:

base.ui --> (base.cpp, base.hpp) --> (derived.cpp, derived.hpp)

The pair base.cpp/base.hpp is generated from base.ui.

The contents of derived.cpp and derived.hpp are as follows (simplified):

#include "derived.hpp"

#include "base.hpp"

If I change base.ui, jam detects that it has to (re)generate
Then header file scanning finds that derived.hpp includes base.hpp and that
derived.cpp includes derived.hpp.

Unfortunately derived.cpp is not rebuilt for some reason, although it should

Has anybody an idea?

Best regards, Peter.

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