[jamming] Problem with header file scanning and updates

Matt Armstrong matt at lickey.com
Mon Feb 10 12:51:09 PST 2003

"Peter Klotz" <peter.klotz at aon.at> writes:

> I have the following problem with jam 2.4:
> base.ui --> (base.cpp, base.hpp) --> (derived.cpp, derived.hpp)
> The pair base.cpp/base.hpp is generated from base.ui.
> The contents of derived.cpp and derived.hpp are as follows
> (simplified):
> derived.cpp:
> #include "derived.hpp"
> derived.hpp
> #include "base.hpp"
> If I change base.ui, jam detects that it has to (re)generate
> base.cpp/base.hpp.  Then header file scanning finds that derived.hpp
> includes base.hpp and that derived.cpp includes derived.hpp.
> Unfortunately derived.cpp is not rebuilt for some reason, although
> it should be.

Is it rebuilt the second time you run Jam?

Does Jam know that base.hpp depends on base.ui?


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