[jamming] Jam2.5 and precompiled headers

Jacob Gorm Hansen jg at ioi.dk
Tue Feb 11 02:46:32 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 19:36, Craig McPheeters wrote:

> I solved this problem in my version of jam by introducing a semaphore node.
> You assign a semaphore to a node by setting its JAM_SEMAPHORE variable.
> Something like:
>    JAM_SEMAPHORE on $(target) = $(dll-semaphore) ;
> The same semaphore node is assigned to all of the files which would share the
> same .pdb file.  Jam then ensures that only one action is launched at a time
> for each semaphore.  I can then use multiple jobs, and as long as there is
> work for the build (if you're building multiple .dll's or libraries) then
> multiple jobs will be launched.

This sounds good. Do you have an example Jamfile/Jambase for using MSVC
precompiled headers and semaphores?

best regards,

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