[jamming] Problem with header file scanning and updates

Matt Armstrong matt at lickey.com
Tue Feb 11 07:55:14 PST 2003

"Peter Klotz" <peter.klotz at aon.at> writes:

> Yes, I find the following:
>>>>>|>>>>|>> Includes <PROJECTS!Applications!JamTest>base.cpp  :
> <PROJECTS!Applications!JamTest>base.hpp
>>>>> Includes <PROJECTS!Applications!JamTest>derived.cpp  : derived.hpp
>>>>> Includes derived.hpp  : base.hpp

And there you have it!  :-)

>> 1) Explicitly set up the dependency in your Jamfile:
>>     Includes base.hpp : <a!b!c>base.hpp ;
>>    This second one tricks Jam into thinking base.hpp (the one
>>    discovered at header scan time) "includes" <a!b!c>base.hpp (the one
>>    generated by your rule), so any file including base.hpp (namely,
>>    derived.cpp) will end up depending on <a!b!c>base.hpp.
> Sounds very good. Since all my Jamfiles are generated automatically
> this is not a problem to do.  It already works in my test case.


>> 3) Use FGristSourceFiles in your UicR rule.  Add a modified version of
>>    Jambase' FGristSourceFiles rule to your Jamrules.  The modified
>>    version will not add grist to .hpp files, just as the stock Jambase
>>    version does not add grist to .h files.
>>    This assumes that your project will never have two .hpp files with
>>    the same name in different directories.
> I am not able to guarantee that. Different developers tend to
> produce files with identical names.

Note that solution #1 will result in too many things being compiled
sometimes.  If you have multiple base.hpp files in the project, Jam
will see a series of this:

    Includes base.hpp : <a!b!c>base.hpp ;
    Includes base.hpp : <d!e!f>base.hpp ;
    Includes base.hpp : <h!i!j>base.hpp ;

And any file including a "base.hpp" will depend on all of the
generated base.hpp files.

But at least compiling too much is not as bad as what you had before.


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