[jamming] Dealing with spaces in directory and file names

Diane Holt holtdl at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 10:39:43 PST 2003

Mystery solved. I forgot that I'd already added an override actions for
File in my rules file (so I could add a $(CPFLAGS) to the command line),
so when I wanted to add the quotes around the args, since I'd forgotten
there already was an actions File in my Jamrules, I added one again, and,
trying to be organized about it, ended up putting it further up in the
file than the one I'd forgotten was even there -- so of course, that one
(which didn't have any quotes around the args) was the last one in, so
that was the one getting run. Doh! (Note to self: Always search your rules
file first for whatever rule or actions you're thinking of tweaking.)


(holtdl at yahoo.com)

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