[jamming] Spurious warning in 2.5?

Anthony Heading aheading at jpmorgan.com
Thu Feb 20 01:27:08 PST 2003


I tried to send this to this list a week ago, but I think it must have
been lost.

2.5 pre seems to believe there is a circular dependency from the
following Jamfile:


rule CProto
    DEPENDS $(<) : $(>) ;
    INCLUDES $(>) : $(<) ;

actions CProto
    cproto -o $(<) $(>)

CProto file.cproto.h : file.c ;

Main file : file.c ;


The idea here is that an included header file is
autogenerated from source - for example "cproto"
is a program which autogenerates a prototype header.

All seems to work cleanly with 2.4.

2.5pre says:
warning: file.c depends on itself

which I think is entirely false.  file.c is a source
file and doesn't depend on anything. 

Any confirmation or opposite about whether this
indeed a bug or not much welcomed.



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