[jamming] Re: [jamboost] Generation of two targets to the same location

David Abrahams david.abrahams at rcn.com
Fri Feb 21 05:50:42 PST 2003

Vladimir Prus <ghost at cs.msu.su> writes:

> David Abrahams wrote:
>> > jam now is quite benign toward binding several targets to the same
>> > location. In general, this cannot be made error. However, suppose that
>> > two targets are bound to the same location via LOCATE variable. For me,
>> > this looks like 100% error, and I'd like to be reported as such, or at
>> > least become warning. In Boost.Jam, such warning/error can be trivially
>> > added.
>> >
>> > Is this desire resonable? Or there are valid use cases where two targets
>> > are bound to the same location via LOCATE?
>> Yep, check out
>> c:/boost/tools/build/test/testing-primitives/bootstrap.jam or
>> failed-test-file in tools/build/testing.jam.
> Looked at the latter example -- yes, two targets are bound to the same 
> location. OTOH, I did not understand why "failed as expected" should
> be output to target... but anyway, gotta think about other way.

We need to keep the target from being rebuilt the next time, once the
expected failure occurs.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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