[jamming] MSVC Cl with multiple source files?

Axelsson, Andreas Andreas.Axelsson at dice.se
Mon Feb 24 00:55:20 PST 2003


has anyone experimented with modifying the Object and related rules to allow
Cl to take more than one sourcefile at the time on the commandline? In MS
DevStudio that's part of the compile-time optimization, as the compiler
doesn't have to reload/initialize for each file, but builds 5-10 files at a
time. I'm rather new to Jam so before I spend too much time on this I'd like
to know if anyone's tested it.

In short I wish to get the following done:

Main test : source1.cpp source2.cpp [sourceN.cpp] ;

"cl source1.cpp source2.cpp [sourceN.cpp] $(ALL_THE_FLAGS)"

If N is to high, it will split into several calls.

It looks like the Library calls do something similar when there are many
object files, so it shouldn't be to much of a problem.


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