[jamming] external program output -> variable

Igor Bukanov ml at igor.fastmail.fm
Wed May 5 01:20:54 PDT 2004

Vladimir Prus wrote:
 > This question arises quite regularly, in particular, the same was 
 > several times on Boost.Jam mailing list.
 > The implementation is going to be straightforward, for example, on 
Unix you'd
 > just fork a child and read from a pipe. However, making the 
 > portable and robust would require some effort. Maybe, it makes sense 
to steal
 > implementation from APR (Apache portable runtime), or from some other
 > library.

But Jam already knows know to execute actions and extending that code 
with piping should not be that difficult on unix/windows AFAIK. Of cause 
I have no idea how to do it on Mac classic or VMS but then Apache does 
not run there either (AFAIK again)....

Regards, Igor

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