[jamming] bulding more than one exe with a Jamfile

Andrew Marlow apm35 at student.open.ac.uk
Wed May 5 09:25:04 PDT 2004

Turner David <dturner at cptechno.com> writes:
>Just create a small loop and call the relevant rules
>in each iteration. For example:
>PROGRAMS = program1 program2 program3 ;
>for t in $(PROGRAMS)
>  Main           $(t) : $(t).c ;
>  LinkLibraries  $(t) : $(MYLIBS) ;

Thanks, that gets me some of the way there, but
this rule deletes the source file if it fails to
compile! I cannot say '.o' rather than '.cpp'
beause that would make the Jamfile platform-specific.
Any ideas?


Andrew Marlow
There is an emerald here the size of a plover's egg!

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