[jamming] Clean Rule: Where is it?

Paul Forgey paulf at metainfo.com
Wed May 5 14:57:44 PDT 2004

It could show up as an empty rule, but since it's empty, it doesn't 
need to be there.  The action for it isn't empty; it's $(RM) $(>)

If your question is how the action actually comes into being, you'll 
see in Jambase:

NotFile .. clean .. ;

then where things get cleaned:
Clean clean : $(bunch_of_stuff) ;

Which adds the $(bunch_of_stuff) as dependencies of the clean target.  
When you jam clean, the Clean action for that target is therefore 
invoked.  This is also how 'uninstall' works;

Clean uninstall : $(files_to_remove) ;

On May 5, 2004, at 2:27 PM, Dana Frost wrote:

> After looking through the Jambase files and even the source code I 
> can't
> find any
> reference to a "Clean" rule. The action is defined as:
> actions piecemeal together existing Clean { }
> But I was expecting "Clean" to show up as a rule as in
> rule Clean { }
> Of all the base rules I think only a few (Clean and Archive) do not 
> have a
> rule
> defined. What makes these rules fire?
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