[jamming] Clean Rule: Where is it?

Dana Frost dana.frost at calix.com
Thu May 6 09:07:53 PDT 2004

Thanks. That makes sense.  I actually tested out my own actions with no rule
and the rules did fire. I actually had unnecessary empty rules "rule
<rulename> { }"
which I can simply get rid of.


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Jam's design is like this (simplifying, yes):
    1. decide what to do.
    2. do it.

Step 1 corresponds roughly to rule { ... }, step 2 corresponds to 
actions { ... }.

Since Clean doesn't need to decide anything, that rule can omit the rule 
{ ... } stanza. For a contrasting example, look at Object, which 
decides how to build an object file, but doesn't do anything itself.

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