[jamming] Standard way to nullify actions?

Abbate, Joseph M Joseph.Abbate at ca.com
Mon Nov 15 11:41:56 PST 2004

I have defined a Link rule (patterned after one suggested by Robert
Cowham in April 1997)that supersedes the Jambase rule and invokes
subrules Link1, Link2, LinkFinal and LinkOriginal. Nevertheless,
whenever Jam needs to link some executable, it always attempts to
execute the Link actions (from Jambase) *first* and only then
Link1/Link2/LinkFinal, causing two (incompatible) link commands to be

I tried to bypass the first invocation of the Link actions by providing
a simple

actions Link {}

but apparently this causes (on VMS) an interactive subprocess to be
spawned. As a "solution", I changed the actions to

actions Link

That "exit" is of course the OS command (which UNIX, VMS and Windows all
happen to have), not the Jam utility rule.

Is there some standard way to nullify actions defined in Jambase,
assuming you still want to keep the rest of the Jam infrastructure,
i.e., all rules that lead to the Link rule?

Joe Abbate
Senior Software Engineer
Computer Associates
joseph.abbate at ca.com

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