[jamming] Standard way to nullify actions?

Matze Braun matze at braunis.de
Tue Nov 16 04:48:10 PST 2004

There's no standard way AFAIK. You probably do best by overriding larger 
parts of Jambase so that the Link rule/action isn't executed in the first 


On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Abbate, Joseph M wrote:

> I have defined a Link rule (patterned after one suggested by Robert
> Cowham in April 1997)that supersedes the Jambase rule and invokes
> subrules Link1, Link2, LinkFinal and LinkOriginal. Nevertheless,
> whenever Jam needs to link some executable, it always attempts to
> execute the Link actions (from Jambase) *first* and only then
> Link1/Link2/LinkFinal, causing two (incompatible) link commands to be
> attempted.
> I tried to bypass the first invocation of the Link actions by providing
> a simple
> actions Link {}
> but apparently this causes (on VMS) an interactive subprocess to be
> spawned. As a "solution", I changed the actions to
> actions Link
> {
>     exit
> }
> That "exit" is of course the OS command (which UNIX, VMS and Windows all
> happen to have), not the Jam utility rule.
> Is there some standard way to nullify actions defined in Jambase,
> assuming you still want to keep the rest of the Jam infrastructure,
> i.e., all rules that lead to the Link rule?
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