[jamming] Standard way to nullify actions?

Johan Nilsson johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se
Tue Nov 16 23:45:15 PST 2004


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> Note that the crash occurs when I replace the "Link1" in both 
> the rule and the actions blocks.
> I have found a more recent post (Aug 12, 2004) from Robert 
> with a slightly modified version of his rule and actions, but 
> he pointed out he had not tested it recently. However, Johan 
> Nilsson appeared to have worked out a solution to linker 
> options files on VMS, so I'll try contacting him.

IIRC I don't think there were any real problems with Robert's solution,
I was just trying to work around the "manual piecemealing" with the
piecemeal modifier in the action(s). 

Anyway, I'll mail you a copy of the modified rules. I used them with Jam
2.5 RC3.

// Johan

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