[jamming] generated header

Anuj Goyal anuj.goyal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 20:29:20 PST 2004

I have about 30 dll/exe, for the sake of argument let's call them
letters of the alphabet
and one special folder (C) full of xml files

dll A
exe B
xmlfiles C
dll D
dll E
dll Y
dll Z

(btw: dll D depends on A, ddl E depends on D,
      ddl F depends on D, dll G depends on F, and so on)

exe B needs to link with dll A to run (easy enough i use LibraryFromObjects)
exe B takes as an argument an XML file in folder C (already containing
a jamfile)
 and produces a header ERROR.h, that all other DLLs need to use.

I have no trouble producing the header file through a builtin rule.

The problem I have is making the header I have a produced a 
dependency of all the sources files in the rest of the projects.

Can anyone provide some design hints?

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