[jamming] More Boost.Python questions

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Thu Nov 18 07:54:34 PST 2004

V1 has this code for Python:

# Normally on Linux, Python is built with GCC.  A "poor QOI choice" in
# the implementation of the intel tools prevents the use of
# intel-linked shared libs by a GCC-built executable unless they have
# been told to use the GCC runtime.  This rule adds the requisite
# flags to the compile and link lines.
rule python-intel-use-gcc-stdlib ( toolset variant : non-defaults * )

# Force statically-linked embedding applications to be multithreaded
# on UNIX.
rule python-static-multithread ( toolset variant : properties * )

Do you recall, if those rules are needed for:

1. Any use of Python
2. Building of Boost.Python
3. Building of Python extension

It looks to me, for example, that python-intel-use-gcc-stdlib is only 
important for building extensions, and python-static-multithread is only 
important for applications that link to Boost.Python.

BTW, why python-static-multithread is needed? Unlike the first rule, there are 

- Volodya

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