[jamming] generated header

Diane Holt holtdl at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 20 09:54:59 PST 2004

--- Vladimir Prus <ghost at cs.msu.su> wrote:
> On Friday 19 November 2004 23:26, Diane Holt wrote:
> > I get regular Jam to do the right things with generated headers --
> > just make sure that a) the header target matches what appears in the
> > #include, and 
> Could you clarify this? You mean, grist of header target should be the
> same as grist added by HdrRule?

No -- I mean I specifically exclude generated-header targets from getting
grist set on them, so that the target looks exactly like what HdrRule
found in its scan -- eg., support/Foo.h is what the scan turns up (and so
takes care of the Includes association for me between that header and
whatever source-file(s) it found it in), and support/Foo.h is what that
header target is, or if it's not, then the rule that deals with that
header target does an Includes on that form of the target (ie., if it's a
type of generated header that's passed to the actions as just Foo.h, its
rule will associate it to support/Foo.h, the "support" part of which it
knows about in some way -- eg., where in the tree the target is coming
from, or some additional parameter, etc.)
> > b) you change HdrRule to not hang a NoCare on it. 
> And what about system headers? Jam would complain about not finding
> them, unless I add system directories to jams search path, and those
> directories vary from system to system.

No, I mean I specifically exclude the generated header targets from
getting NoCare put on them -- all the rest of the headers the HdrRule scan
turns up still get it put on them. Any rule of mine that deals with
generated headers adds the header target (in the correct form that HdrRule
will find it in in its scan) to a var (which I call NO_HDRGRIST, logically
enough :)  My override of HdrRule checks for the header being in
NO_HDRGRIST, and if it's in there, then no grist is added to it, nor does
the NoCare get put on it.


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