[jamming] yet another newbie

Anton Evgrafov antone at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 7 16:39:32 PDT 2005


Thanks for your reply! How do I add grists correctly? I tried for example to
change $(TOP)/Parser.d/Jamfile as

Library libparser : paux.C lex.yy.c y.tab.c ;

MyYacc <Parser.d>y.tab.c <Parser.d>y.tab.h : <Parser.d>p.y ;
MyLex <Parser.d>lex.yy.c : <Parser.d>lexer.l <Parser.d>y.tab.h ;

Then I can run jam in $(TOP)/Parser.d but not in $(TOP).

> But..  with the stock Jambase, you should be able to simply say:
> Library libparser : paux.C p.y lexer.l ;
> So I don't know why you are making life so hard on yourself.
The reason for that is that I don't want to rename files in this ancient
fortran/c/c++ project. E.g., y.tab.h generated by yacc is used elsewhere in
the project; there are other examples, where for example we have file.C,
file.h, file.l and file.y -- separate project files sharing a single project
So I thought that writing (read: copy-pasting) a couple of custom rules for
jam is in fact easier than renaming the whole bunch of project files, tracking
dependencies, etc. Was I wrong?


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