[jamming] yet another newbie

Anton Evgrafov antone at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 7 18:45:01 PDT 2005

> Is there any particular reason you are not letting the stock Jamrules
> build the library from lexer.l and p.y as source files?

Thanks a lot again! One of the reasons I coudn't (or didn't want to) use the
standard jam rules is that yacc (on some systems) generates y.tab.{h,c} by
default, and then the "move" action failed (the one that tried to move
y.tab.{h,c} to y.tab.{h,c} in this case). In other project directories we
have, say, file.l, file.y, file.h, and file.c files. This could be confusing
for jam, because it typically tries to generate file.y->file.{c,h}->file.o,
file.l->file.c->file.o, etc.

However, I will probably convince other project participants just to rename
the files.


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