[jamming] yet another newbie

Paul Forgey paulf at metainfo.com
Thu Apr 7 19:02:19 PDT 2005

You can override a Jambase rule by simply restating it in your own 
Jamrules file (or anywhere in your Jamfile too).  Just override the Lex 
and Yacc rules in your Jamrules file with a modified version of what 
you find in Jambase.

The behavior you are mentioning as a problem is expected typical 
behavior of lex and yacc.  Are you sure those files aren't in the 
source tree by accident or for the benefit of systems which don't have 
these tools?

On Apr 7, 2005, at 6:45 PM, Anton Evgrafov wrote:

>> Is there any particular reason you are not letting the stock Jamrules
>> build the library from lexer.l and p.y as source files?
> Thanks a lot again! One of the reasons I coudn't (or didn't want to) 
> use the
> standard jam rules is that yacc (on some systems) generates 
> y.tab.{h,c} by
> default, and then the "move" action failed (the one that tried to move
> y.tab.{h,c} to y.tab.{h,c} in this case). In other project directories 
> we
> have, say, file.l, file.y, file.h, and file.c files. This could be 
> confusing
> for jam, because it typically tries to generate 
> file.y->file.{c,h}->file.o,
> file.l->file.c->file.o, etc.
> However, I will probably convince other project participants just to 
> rename
> the files.
> --Anton

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