[jamming] yet another newbie

Anton Evgrafov antone at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 7 19:47:07 PDT 2005

> The behavior you are mentioning as a problem is expected typical
> behavior of lex and yacc.  Are you sure those files aren't in the source
> tree by accident or for the benefit of systems which don't have these
> tools?
Well, this is just an ancient project with bad (none whatsoever) naming
conventions. Therefore, there are some yacc, lex, and c sources with matching
names. In makefiles these are typically resolved as
file.l -> file.yy.c -> file.yy.o
file.y -> file.tab.{h,c} -> file.tab.o
file.c -> file.o

As I said, I will probably choose to rename those.


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