[jamming] KJam now available for Linux

rafael baptista rafael at oroboro.com
Thu Jan 26 14:16:08 PST 2006

A few weeks ago I posted about a version of Jam I have been working on 
called KJam. Its still a work in progress and a final version has not 
yet been made.
At the time I only had a Windows binary available as a preview. The 
Linux version is now stable enough to also share as a 'preview' version.
The Linux version is available as an x86 binary, and should run on most 
modern x86 linux distros, like RedHad, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu etc.

Right now, seeing as the software is still under development, we are 
looking for people willing to try out the beta and give us feedback so 
we can improve it.
We have a number of sites now using the Windows version for a few weeks 
now and that has been tremendously helpful. We are now looking for people
who would be willing to try out the Linux version. The version which is 
available for public download is compiled for x86, but if you have a 
specfic need for a version
for another architecture we can probably make a special build for you.

While we already have a number of beta sites for the Windows version, we 
are also still extremely interested in getting more.

We are especially interested in people with large projects as this is 
what KJam is designed for. We would be willing to help you get KJam up 
and running, by giving advice, or even directly helping you write your 

The binaries are available at: http://www.oroboro.com/kjam

For anyone who missed the previous announcement, KJam is a Jam-like 
build tool. The syntax of the language is almost the same but it has a 
number of features that Jam doesn't have:

1. A peer-to-peer network mode that spawns build jobs all over the local 
network to speed up builds
2. A dependency generation engine designed to better handle highly 
parallel builds
3. A powerful new regular expression based variable expansion syntax
4. Its much faster than Jam for large projects with thousands of files.

If anyone has any interest in this, download the preview binaries, or 
better yet, enroll in our beta program and we can send you updated 
builds as we fix and improve things.


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