[jamming] Link actions too long (max 996)!

Stephen Farrar stephen.farrar at cisra.canon.com.au
Sun Jun 4 15:40:07 PDT 2006

Hi Klaus,

The Microsoft linker gets around this problem by using response files.  
Instead of using a really long command line, the command line arguments 
are written to a "response file" and the linker reads that.

You need to modify your Jambase so that the Link rule uses response 
files.  Here are some snippets of code:

(Maybe something like this should be put into the standard Jambase.  
This problem must come up all the time on windows, surely!)

# This rule creates a response file for the given target.  The name of the
# response file is saved in RESPONSEFILE on $(1) so that actions can use it.
# The sources for this rule are written to the response file.  If the 
# are file names, the bound filenames will be written.
# If this rule is called multiple times for the same target, the new sources
# will be appended to the response file.
# This must be called BEFORE the action that uses the response file.  If you
# want to delete the response file after it has been used (a good idea) then
# you can call RemoveResponseFile after the action that uses it.

rule ResponseFile # target-requiring-response-file : files-to-write ;
    local responsefile = $(1).rsp ;
    if ! [ on $(1) FReturn $(RESPONSEFILE) ]
        on $(1) MakeLocate $(responsefile) : $(LOCATE) ;

        Depends $(1) : $(responsefile) ;
        Temporary $(responsefile) ;
        EmptyResponseFile $(1) ;

        RESPONSEFILE on $(1) = $(responsefile) ;

    AppendResponseFile $(1) : $(2) ;

rule FReturn
    return $(1) ;

actions quietly ignore EmptyResponseFile bind RESPONSEFILE

actions quietly together piecemeal AppendResponseFile bind RESPONSEFILE
    echo "$(>)" >> $(RESPONSEFILE)

actions together quietly ignore RemoveResponseFile bind RESPONSEFILE

rule Link
    ResponseFile $(<) : $(>) ;
    win32-Link $(<) : $(>) ;
    RemoveResponseFile $(<) ;

    MODE on $(<) = $(EXEMODE) ;
    Chmod $(<) ;

actions win32-Link bind RESPONSEFILE
    $(LINK) $(LINKFLAGS) /out:$(<) $(UNDEFS) @$(RESPONSEFILE) 

If you have to link with lots of libraries, you might have to modify 
LinkLibraries and put NEEDLIBS in the response file too.

Hope this helps,


Klaus Meier wrote:
> I've ported a project under Windows from make to jam.
> Now there is the problem that there are to much characters in the 
> commandline for the linker or something else.
> I've also tried to set MAXLINE to something higher but nothing positive 
> happened.
> Does anybody know a solution of this problem?
> Best regards,
> Winston

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