[jamming] (no subject)

shobharanim at zentechnologies.com shobharanim at zentechnologies.com
Wed Jun 7 01:53:16 PDT 2006

  I downloaded Jam 2.5 zip(which is latest) and installed in one folder. 
According to suggestion I have opened Makefile which is in Src folder and 
modified line number 47 and saved(I have opend Makefile in openoffice. In 
line number 47 it is like #CC=gcc and i changed it to #CC=./jam0). 

Afterwards I gave command Jam in command prompt but it gives the message 
'Jam is not recognized command as an internal or external ' like that. 

I am new to Jam and I don't know how to know Jam is installed properly or 
not, if it installed how to start work............like that. 

Can you help me. 

Thank You

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