[jamming] jam an csharp source code

Kai Backman kaib at google.com
Wed Jun 21 14:32:15 PDT 2006

 Hi Sven,

 AFAIK. The standard Jambase does not support C# directly, but you should be
able to either
trick it into using a C# compiler instead of a C compiler, or then simply
add a few rules of your
own to do that.

 If you are researching build tools Jam and SCons (www.scons.org) are
philosophically quite
close together. While most make based tools are primarily data driven, Jam
is a programming
language in itself. The Jam language is also designed specifically for the
build domain, which
makes it easy to express build problems very compactly. It also makes Jam
very flexible,
in the sense that adding support for a new set of tools is quite a bit

 The main difference between Jam and SCons is that Jam is a special purpose
language while
SCons is a general purpose one. The upside with Jam is that expressing build
problems is
more focused, the upside with SCons is that you have a whole general purpose
language at your disposal. Jam is a single 50k executable file, SCons
requires you to install
python on the build machine.

 Take care,


On 6/21/06, Sven.Finsterwalder at mount10.com <Sven.Finsterwalder at mount10.com>
> Hello,
> i´m a trainee for software developing and i make an research for build
> tools.
> My question is, can i compile with jam c# (csharp) files?
> kind regards
> Sven Finsterwalder
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