[jamming] KJam Beta 0.31 Released with performance comparison.

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at sigpipe.cz
Thu Jun 22 01:59:32 PDT 2006

# rafael at oroboro.com / 2006-06-21 18:38:43 -0400:
>     I'm getting a great deal positive interest in KJam from a technical 
> perspective. The only negative reaction I'm getting from people is the 
> lack of clarity about licensing. I'm looking onto
> the licensing issues, but I want to make sure I don't make a mistake and 
> limit the licensing options later. I'd like to find a way to give a KJam 
> 'free' license for use with 'free' software, and
> still be able to offer KJam commercially.
    You, as the author, can distribute KJam under different terms
    *at the same time*, change the distribution license in time, etc.
    You have *not* received the code under the license you distribute it
    with, thus you are not bound by it. That's what enables the MySQL or
    QT dual licensing.

    You might be unable to use patches from users of the open source
    version if you choose GPL: its purpose is to prohibit exactly this
    kind of thing (turning open source into closed source).

    On the other hand, BSD (or looser, like MIT) license would
    definitely not prohibit you from doing so: it explicitly allows
    *everyone* to "parasite" on the code.

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