[jamming] KJam Beta 0.31 Released with performance comparison.

Kai Backman kaib at google.com
Thu Jun 22 00:23:33 PDT 2006

On 6/22/06, Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser at sigpipe.cz> wrote:
>    You, as the author, can distribute KJam under different terms
>    *at the same time*, change the distribution license in time, etc.
>    You have *not* received the code under the license you distribute it
>    with, thus you are not bound by it. That's what enables the MySQL or
>    QT dual licensing.

 Now that Roman posted I started to realize the licensing issue you
have Rafael. Roman is naturally right that as long as you own
the copyright for all the code of kjam you can switch licenses every
day if you want to. However, just releasing the code under GPL will
not work. The GPL code release clause applies only when you
-include- the GPL'd piece of code with your application. As most
build systems aren't included with the app, it would mean commercial
developers could use the GPL kjam and as long as they didn't
release the build system they wouldn't need to release their source.

 Case in point, the only people the MySQL license is really aimed
at is people releasing database engines based on MySQL. Everyone
else uses it for free. Qt is shipped with the app.

 Looking at most other build system products, like Incredibuild and
Electric Cloud, they seem to be closed source. You can always
do like P4 or fmod that don't release the source but let open source
projects use it for free. However, for something as low level as a build
tool I would really like to have the source available in case things
need fixing (even Jam seems to have bugs). Releasing the source
does look difficult from a licensing point of view.

 If you have done your numbers and feel that kjam will be viable
commercially, then it seems like you need to release it closed
source and we'll have to continue working on the base Jam trunk. :-)

 Take care,


Kai Backman, Software Engineer, kaib at google.com
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