[jamming] Building Objects - Need to reference with grist when using them in another jam file?

Morgenthaler Björn bjoern.morgenthaler at comlet.de
Wed Dec 17 03:24:09 PST 2008


I'm new to jam (using bjam without boost.build on windows xp) and am facing archive'ing a library from objects that are built in another jam file.

Here's an (simplified) example:



# lib archive
LibraryFromObjects component_1$(SUFLIB) :

# make $(MAIN) depend on component_1 and add component_1 to NEEDLIBS
LinkLibraries $(MAIN) : component_1 ;

# subincludes
SubInclude COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_1 ;
SubInclude COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_2 ;
SubInclude COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_3 ;


SubDir COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_1 ;

# subincludes
SubInclude COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_1 src ;


SubDir COMPONENT_1_ROOT framework_1 src ;

LOCATE_TARGET = $(PRODUCT_OBJ_DIR)$(SLASH)component_1$(SLASH)framework_1$(SLASH)src ;

Objects object_1.c ;


(same for framework_2 building object_2 and framework_3 building object_3)

So this works fine but is there a better way to reference the objects when archive'ing the lib? For example without the added grist (just like I archive the lib within the jam file the object is built)? I understand that the rule Objects adds those grists to provide a unique object and I do not want to lose this feature.

Any suggestions how this can be made more jam like are very appreciated (without archiving a lib in each jam file an object is built).


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