[jamming] Building Objects - Need to reference with grist when using them in another jam file?

Morgenthaler Björn bjoern.morgenthaler at comlet.de
Thu Dec 18 23:40:26 PST 2008

> As Diane suggested, SOURCE_GRIST it could be anything.. to make it easier why not just make it the same as the library for that set of sources if its enough to distinguish between sources - it doesn't have to equal the default value of the "current directory". i.e.

Ok. With all your helpful suggestions, I will have my own rule doing this, overriding the grist and using a rule to build it before adding the objects to LibraryFromObjects.

Actually I thought I was doing sth wrong because I've never seen an example or code snippet from jam using the grist when archive'ing a lib. i.e.


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