[jamming] Building Objects - Need to reference with grist whenusing them in another jam file?

Morgenthaler Björn bjoern.morgenthaler at comlet.de
Thu Dec 18 23:53:51 PST 2008

> If I understand the original question, it looks like there can be objects of the same name in various
> framework' directories, so he couldn't just use the base filenames in LibraryFromObjects. There would be no way
> to distinguish if it was 'object_2' from framework2 or
> framework3 (reading the example LibraryFromObjects statement very closely).
> There needs to be some way to distinguish between low-level objects from the top-level library creation step.
> It does seem to me like you need to use the gristed (ie unique) names at some point...
> You could do something like this:
> LibraryFromObjects component_1$(SUFLIB) :
>                     [FrameworkObjects framework_1 : object_1 object_8 object_32]
>                     [FrameworkObjects framework_2 : object_2 object_99]
>                     [FrameworkObjects framework_3 : object_2 object_42 object_60]
>                     ;
> And then put the logic of generating the full gristed names inside the FrameworkObjects rule.
> Not really changing anything, but maybe a little more readable/maintainable.

Having the same object names from different frameworks was not a requirement so far, but good to keep in mind!
Building my own gristed objects and resolving them a way like you showed above seems the best compromise for me.

Actually it would be the best way to have jam resolve the grist within a SubDir's subdirs :) but this solution would not match equal object names from different framewoks.


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