[jamming] Included rules

Gary Gendel gary at icmanage.com
Mon Feb 4 18:43:39 PST 2008


We've got a hierarchy of products that have a mix of different 
capabilities.  Each can use a different collection of libraries like QT, 
boost, MySQL, Perforce, etc.  Currently we have a monolithic Jamrules 
file that builds the compile and link using all libraries.  This has 
causes us problems, especially when some libraries have subtle conflicts.

What I was hoping to do was create a simple Jamrules file that defines 
the generic macros (static vs. dynamic linking, release vs. debug, some 
basic processing macros, etc.).  Then I would like to create Jamrule 
files specific for each component (QT, boost, etc.) that can be 
"included" in the Jamfiles as needed.

I don't see any mechanism for "including" files in the jam language.  
The closest thing I can see is the SubInclude statement, but this 
doesn't seem to operate as expected.  What I would like to do is 
something like this:

SubDir TOP proggy ;
Include $(TOP)/Rules.jam/mysql/mysql.jam ;
Include $(TOP)/Rules.jam/boost/regexp.jam ;

etc. to include "inline" the files specified.

Anyone have any ideas?


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