[p4perl] Problems inheriting from P4

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Wed Feb 2 09:45:56 PST 2005

Hi Terry,

> thanks for your reply.

No problem.

> I can see were the problem is now.
> What I was trying to do was to provide a utility class as part of a
> generic framework, that would simplify the access to perforce (using P4)
> by implementing the functionality as required by the framework. However,
> most of the specialisation would be in the initialisation of P4 and the
> rest of the methods would be the P4 methods (without overriding them).
> In this case I guess it doesn't matter too much that we can't derive from
> P4, since the derived class would only provide a very thin wrapper around
> P4 API, therefore the client of P4 will have to make these calls to P4 API
> when necessary.

OK, that sounds reasonable.

> Thanks for your prompt reply anyway, and it would be useful to know when
> (and if) the API gets implements as a hashref.

I'll definitely announce it on this list when it happens.


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