[p4perl] "make test" errors on FreeBSD 5.3

Lars Thegler lth at cybercity.dk
Fri Feb 4 01:02:47 PST 2005

Did you try the FreeBSD port devel/p4api? It was made against release
2003.1, so if you use something newer, it might not work. If the API has
changed, I'm sure Perforce would make avaiable a build for 2004.2, and
then we can update the port.


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I haven't seen my original message post to the list yet, but I think I
may have found the root problem -- the FreeBSD p4 api is built with GCC
2.x, but I'm building with 3.x

I'll be checking with Perforce to see if I can get a new build of the p4

David Foglesong

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