[p4perl] integrating perforce with a build system.

Roger Day roger.day at globalgraphics.com
Tue Feb 22 04:24:02 PST 2005

Umm, that's precisely it: The build system relies on having a different 
set of files for every new build.This ensures a clean dependancy tree for 
every build.

Tony Smith <tony at smee.org>
21/02/2005 17:30
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        cc:     "Roger Day" <roger.day at globalgraphics.com>
        Subject:        Re: [p4perl] integrating perforce with a build 

On Monday 21 February 2005 13:20, Roger Day wrote:
> Well, I'm almost there
> use P4;
> # Initialisation
> my $p4 = new P4;
> $p4->Init() or die( "Failed to connect to Perforce" );
> $return = $p4->SetCwd("c:\\users\\rday\\perforcews\\");
> print "$return\n";
> $return = $p4->Run("sync","-f","//depot/makedist/...");
> print "@$return\n";
> SetCwd seems to have no effect at all. It's overriden by the client 

Right. SetCwd() will only make a difference to how Perforce computes 
paths. For example:

$p4->Run( "sync", "../../makedist/..." );

The client spec is the ultimate arbiter of what goes where.

> Which is crucial to what I'm doing. Do I have to edit the client spec 
> time I want to do a checkout?

Not unless you're intending to work with different files. The normal usage
would be to have your client spec map ALL of the files your build system
would work with and then either 'p4 sync' or 'p4 sync-f' to have Perforce
populate the build tree. Then you build as normal.



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