[p4perl] Linux build problems

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Tue Feb 22 06:36:09 PST 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 12:48, Roger Day wrote:
> I found the problem. We have two gcc's installed on our machines - gcc
> 2.95.2 and the distributed compiler, 3.2. Switching the compiler to gcc
> 3.2 - the correct one for Red Hat 9 - makes the client tests run in  grand
> fashion.
> BTW, setting CC didn't seem to make a difference  - running perl
> Makefile.PL gives you - amongst other things - "Warning: CC is not a known
> parameter".

Thanks for letting us know, I'll look into that.

> Has the client been ported to RHEL and macos X 10.3?

Not by me. RHEL will likely work, Mac OSX will be real ugly. I've ported 
P4Ruby to OSX, and I had to do a really nasty hack to make it work. I'd 
rather not repeat the experience, but if you're interested you can find out 
about the issue here:


> P.S sorry about the earlier double emails but I've problems with a VPN
> connection and Lotus Notes. Ugh!

No problem.


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