[p4perl] sync problems

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Fri Mar 11 01:54:42 PST 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 17:13, Roger Day wrote:
> I've reset the client root and tried this command:
>  my $val = $self->Run("Sync","-f", "$url");
> where $url eq //depot/swig_tests/simple_build/product.xml#head
> but nothing happens. I've upped the debug (using p4 -s P4DEBUG="server=1")
> and all I get this:
> Perforce server warning:
>       2005/03/10 17:04:49 pid 2468 rday at mauberley 'user-client -o
> mauberley'
> Perforce server warning:
>       2005/03/10 17:04:50 pid 2468 rday at mauberley 'user-client
> -i'
> Perforce server warning:
>       2005/03/10 17:04:51 pid 2240 rday at mauberley 'user-client -o
> mauberley'
> Perforce server warning:
>       2005/03/10 17:04:52 pid 1880 rday at mauberley 'user-client -o
> mauberley'

This shows your script is not running a 'p4 sync': at least not against this 
server in that timeframe. Those records show you running 'p4 client -o' and 
'p4 client -i' commands.

> which doesn't look meaningful to me. Are there any other tricks to try and
> get the server to cough up more data? Why doesn't $! yield an error message
> of some kind?

Because Perforce commands can partially succeed and partially fail. A single 
error return doesn't make much sense. You'll find an array of all the errors 
that occurred by calling P4::Errors().

It's hard to be more specific without seeing more of the script. Could you 
give us a little more to go on?



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