Fw: [p4perl] sync problems

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Mon Mar 14 06:07:10 PST 2005

On Friday 11 March 2005 19:44, Roger Day wrote:
> with debug set, both running
> $self->Sync(....)
> and
> $self->Run("Sync"....)

I've installed your script and with some hacking to remove the references to 
the modules I don't have, and changing file paths etc. I've executed it with 
the following results:

  $self->Sync() works as expected

  $self->Run( "Sync" ) fails as expected.

Perforce commands are case-sensitive (and all in lowercase). The AUTOLOADER 
method in P4.pm lowercases the method names to make sure they run correctly, 
but when you call $self->Run( "Sync", ... ) you're bypassing the AUTOLOADER 
and trying to run 'p4 Sync' and Perforce doesn't like that.

> give me "p4 unknown command. Try p4 help for info" in the return errors.
> The command "user-sync" now appears in the log file like so:

> Perforce server warning:
>         2005/03/11 19:43:04 pid 2392 rday at mauberley 'user-sync
> -f //depot/swig_tests/simple_build/product.xml#head'

That  looks OK to me. My guess is that was executed when you were using 
$p4->Sync(). There's no log entry for unknown commands. That sync may have 
failed for other reasons which would have been in $self->Errors() or 

In your fetchFile() method you've got:

    my $val = $self->Sync( "-f", "$url"); 
    print "return value $!\n";

We may have already covered this in another message, but it's $val that 
contains the output, not $!. Printing $val makes a lot more sense when 
debugging. Also you might want to add a call to P4::Errors() and 
P4::Warnings() to report any errors and warnings that occurred.

Also, it would help to know which build of P4Perl you're using? What's the 
VERSION in P4.pm?


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