Fw: [p4perl] sync problems

Roger Day roger.day at globalgraphics.com
Tue Mar 15 06:25:34 PST 2005

I agree - but there is no output that I can see.

I think there's a real problem here but I can't put my finger on it. Let me

If I do a bog standard piece of code like this:

my @jj=();

for my $i (@jj)
  print $i."\n";

The loop doesn't get activated. Which is what I expect.

However, when I step through the debugger for the below code, the loop is
activated. I do x $w and it claims $w is a reference to an array. If I do x
@warnings, it claims an empty array, with $#warnings set to -1.

So, there is an array there, probably full of the information we seek, but
I can't "see" it. This, I think, is the core of the matter. If I could see
that "hidden" array, then I'd be happy camper.

    my @warnings = $self->Warnings();
    if (@warnings)
      print "warnings:\n ";
      print $#warnings."\n";
      for my $w (@warnings)
        print "warning: $w\n";
      print "warnings not defined\n";

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On Tuesday 15 March 2005 00:28, Roger Day wrote:
> you are correct. You think you know a language, then it still manages to
> bite u in the foot. Doh!

:) That's Perl for you. Personally, I prefer Ruby these days - it doesn't

> Doesn't help me with my main problem in that the files still aren't being
> transferred to the new root.

No, but it should help you get to the error messages and/or warnings. We
really need to see the complete output of the command to diagnose the


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