Fw: [p4perl] sync problems

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Mon Mar 21 09:43:58 PST 2005

Got there in the end. Roger and I took this off list to save everyone else 
some traffic. The upshot was that he was running a 2000.2 server and there 
was a protocol bug in 2000.1 and 2000.2 which was causing client/server comms 
to get garbled.

I've submitted change 4864 with the workaround for the bug so P4Perl is now 
able to handle it if it happens.


On Wednesday 16 March 2005 18:03, Tony Smith wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 March 2005 17:16, Roger Day wrote:
> > Things have changed but not to the better, I fear. None of the three
> > variables have definition, neither $val, @warnings or @errors
> huh??? Gotta say, I'm baffled at this point.
> > I'm running VC 6. Would that make a difference?
> Nope. Should be fine.
> > The other question I should ask, am I running the right rpc library? How
> > can I check this?
> The RPC stuff is baked into the Perforce API. There's nothing else you
> need.
> I'll add some extra debugging tomorrow and give you a fresh build to try
> out. I'll make it pretty verbose so we can get to the bottom of things.
> Tony
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