[p4perl] Problems building P4-Client module

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Wed Mar 30 01:33:40 PST 2005

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 01:48, Tara Hernandez wrote:
> Updated the p4api package, still seeing the same error.  Any other ideas
> for me?

> >>clientuserperl.cc: In member function `virtual void
> >>    ClientUserPerl::Diff(FileSys*, FileSys*, int, char*, Error*)':
> >>clientuserperl.cc:518: error: no matching function for call to
> >>`Diff::SetInput(
> >>    FileSys*&, FileSys*&, char*&, Error*&)'
> >>/pixar/d2/sets/tools-00/lib/p4/diff.h:38: error: candidates are: void
> >>    Diff::SetInput(const char*, const char*, const char*, Error*)
> >>make[1]: *** [clientuserperl.o] Error 1
> >>make: *** [lib/libp4.a] Error 2

The prototype for Diff::SetInput is:

 void  SetInput( FileSys *fx, FileSys *fy, const DiffFlags &flags, Error *e );

so the call in ClientUserperl::Diff() is correct. What's surprising is the 
prototype that your compiler thinks is correct. It seems to have converted 
all the 'FileSys *' arguments into 'const char *', and that's not going to 
work. Looks like something has #define'd FileSys to 'const char'.

You could try putting a line like this at the top of all the .cc files in 

    #undef FileSys

and see if that helps.

> >>I had no problem building it out for Red Hat 7.1 and Fedora core 2, and
> >>sadly there are no hints listed for this platform in the package.

I have ported P4Ruby (though not P4Perl) to Mac OS X, but there's a really 
nasty gotcha which means it will remain unsupported for the forseeable 
future. You'll have the same problem with P4Perl once you get over your 
current hurdle. The same workaround should work:


(note that the current Darwin API build is now built with gcc 3.1 so you 
shouldn't need to build Perl).

Note also that P4Perl on Mac OS X will also be unsupported until the problem 
with the dynamic loader is resolved.

> >>Anybody had any luck with this configuration?  For Fedora, I'm
> >>specifying these compiler options and it works great:
> >>
> >>-fPIC -DOS_LINUX -Dconst_char='%const_char' -D_BSD_SOURCE -D_SVID_SOURCE

That should be -Dconst_char='const char'


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