[p4perl] help for output of p4 revert -a file

vik y bloodyslover at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 15:27:33 PDT 2005

>When I type this command: p4 revert -a //depot/...
>some infomation will be print to the screen, showing that if the file
>reverted or file not found.  I try to get those infomation in my script,
>what I get is always 0. Could anybody know how to figure it out?

>The output should be returned from the $p4->Revert( '-a', '//depot/...' ) 
>call. Note the way arguments are quoted above.

What is $p4? I did not use the p4perl package. when I use the statement: 
system ("p4 revert -a //depot/..."); it always returns 0. Could you pls give 
me the details of how to get the output if I do not use the package p4perl? 
or where is the code of p4::Revert?



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