[p4perl] Return of some P4Perl API commands are either a HashRef or an ArrayRef of Hashes

Eleftherios.Kororos at symbian.com Eleftherios.Kororos at symbian.com
Wed Apr 13 08:44:04 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I recently came accros an issue that I am not sure if it is intended 
behaviour or not. If it is I would like to know if there are any ways 
around it. Here is the problem:

I have a p4 object as a memeber variable of another object (in this 
example $self). 
My p4 object is initialised correctly.
When I execute the following call:

my $openedFiles = $self->{p4}->Opened();

I get either 1 hash reference back, something like this:


However, if I have more than one files opened, then I get back a reference 
to an array of hashes. Something like this:



My problem is that if I want to process the returned $openedFiles variable 
I would typically do something like this:

foreach my $file (@{$openedFiles})
        if (($file->{action} eq "integrate") || ($file->{action} eq 
           #do things here for integrated and edited files

However, if I get back only a hashref this will result to a 
compiler/parser error with the following message:

Not an ARRAY reference at 
line 91.

Also note that since I get back a reference anyway (which is a reference 
to either an array or to a hash) I can't find any way to check for the 
referenced type. I have tried the following:

my $tempOpened;
if (defined @{$p4Opened})
    $tempOpened = $p4Opened;
    $tempOpened = [$p4Opened];

but this only caused the compiler error to be reported earlier on in the 

How am I supposed to hadle this situation?


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