[p4perl] ChangeList number changes between creation and submit.

Scott Lavender scott.lavender at visiprise.com
Wed Oct 4 10:38:40 PDT 2006

**** Duplicate also sent to support at perforce.com ****
I have a build system that performs the following sequence using P4 tasks included with Ant 1.6.5:

1.	Get/reserve new ChangeList number using p4change. 

2.	Checkout product buildID file using p4edit. 

3.	Update buildID file with new build number and ChangeList number from step 1. 

4.	Run build tasks. 

5.	If build succeeds, submit the buildID file changes using p4submit; else revert the ChangeList reserved in step 1 using p4revert.

So far this has seemed to work for several months. Recently I noticed that the ChangeList number that I reserved in step 1 is not the one that was used on the submit in step 5 above. This has caused me to have to manually change the file to get it in sync with the correct ChangeList. When the problem happens, the actual ChangeList number used will be 2 or three numbers higher than the one reserved in step 1. Also, the original ChangeList is not present in the Perforce system. We use this information to identify build points. It is critical that it is accurate so that we can properly identify changes that occur between each build.
Question: Is there a way to ensure that the ChangeList recorded in the buildID file is the same one used to submit the change?
See attached Ant module(sourceControlTasks.xml) containing the following build tasks:
update.buildID:Gets a new ChangeList number and uses it to checkout the buildID file. The buildID file is updated. Calls revert.buildID if on error.
submit.buildID: Submits change using ChangeList number saved from update.buildID. Calls revert.buildID if on error.
revert.buildID: Reverts ChangeList saved from update.buildID.
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